Meet our piggies

Let me introduce you to our little piggy herd. We currently have four members: Chubs, Bounty, Baby and Walter White.

Our oldest piggies Chubs and Bounty, two female Abyssinians, are now almost four years old. When we first got them they looked almost the same, apart from the color of their fur. We decided to give Bounty such a name because her fur color resembles the chocolate bar of the same name. She’s our most gentle piggy. She loves exploring. Every time we arrange their environment in a different way she’s the first one to explore, while Chubs struts along behind her.


As for Chubs, we gave her the name at random, just because it sounded cute. However, in the time to come, she actually became our heaviest pig! Nomen est omen, some would say. She sure loves her food. When we feed them vegetables she sometimes takes a slice, runs away with it, leaves it, comes back for a new slice, returns to the old slice, and then sits on it, while eating the new one. She also loves to steal food from Bounty even though she has her own. Since she also eats much faster, we sometimes have to separate them while they eat, so Bounty can get enough food. She’s our quietest pig with the loudest voice. You can only hear her squeaks when something goes wrong or when she smells lettuce from afar.

Beautiful Abyssinian Guinea pig

Baby is just a few months younger than them. When we first got him we thought he was female and gave him his name accordingly. It was only a few months later when he started chasing Bounty and Chubs, that we realized we were wrong. He’s our most playful, cuddly piggy.

Guinea pig the cutest

And then we have our youngest piggy, Walter White, who just turned two this month. He’s our most energetic and loudest piggy. While our other piggies usually squeak  for specific reasons (asking for food, when exploring, cuddling, fighting…etc) he just keeps on talking for no apparent reason. Since he has the most energy, he runs around most and is also the fastest. And he’s also the rule breaker of the group. While our other piggies almost never leave the borders of their play area, i.e. blanket, he has no problem going beyond and even into other rooms. And he also does this only when no one is looking at him since he knows it’s forbidden. The main reason we notice he left his room is the fact that he gets really excited that he managed to get away that he starts squeaking loudly.

White guinea pig
Walter White

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