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Are Guinea Pigs Perfect Pets for You?

When we first got our piggies we thought that taking care of them would be fairly simple. Just make sure that they have food, water and a clean cage. What could possibly go wrong? Well, were we in for a surprise!

Surprise, surprise!

Guinea pigs are actually very sensitive creatures and not taking care of them properly might cause a range of unexpected problems. At first we thought that taking our pigs to the vet would solve everything. They’re the experts, right? Well, while most vets try their best to help, mistakes are fairly common. Since guinea pigs are prey animals they tend to hide their signs of illness and by the time the owner notices it might be too late. Also, sometimes people who buy guinea pigs aren’t aware of how expensive or time consuming taking care of them can be. In some countries taking guinea pigs to the vet is just too expensive for the owners. For the following reasons a lot of vets don’t have enough experience working with these small animals and they make mistakes.

Guinea Pig Forums, Websites and Groups are Priceless

So when taking your pig to the vet it’s very important that you do your research on where you are taking them and which vets have experience working with guinea pigs. Even when taking your pig to the vet, I highly suggest doing your own research on your pig’s symptoms. Unfortunately, you can’t always trust that your vet is right. Also, since each situation is unique when searching on the internet you might not come across the right information.

Fortunately, the more information we put out there the higher the chances are of you finding the right advice. I am curious to know, which topic  you are most interested in and if you've had problems finding information online?

My Third Guinea Pig called Baby

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  1. Hi, how do you know if your guinea pig is in pain? Our bunnies tend to avoid contact, do they do the same?

    1. We can usually tell that something is wrong if they are standing still in one spot but don't look relaxed. Also they love to eat and chew hay, so if they aren't interested in food that's a bad sign. You can't really tell if avoiding contact has anything to do with pain, as guinea pigs are easily frightened, not all of them like to cuddle even when they are healthy. At the same time, our guinea pig that loves to cuddle didn't try to avoid contact even when he was sick. The only difference was that he didn't enjoy it either. He just didn't react in any way.

    2. That's interesting to know. Thanks a lot!