Dangerous Food for Guinea Pigs

Have you Fed your Guinea Pig with Packaged Food with Grains?

When searching for packaged food you will come across various options. In this post we’re only going to talk about what to avoid and why.


Any Kind of "Muesli" Mixture is Dangerous Food for Guinea Pigs

Dangerous food for guinea pigs
NEVER feed your guinea pigs with "Muesli"
One day we noticed that Baby, one of our guinea pigs, stopped eating. So, at first, we tried feeding him. But he wouldn’t chew or swallow his food. While examining him we noticed something was hurting him when he tried to chew. So, for about a week, we fed him using a syringe. At first he couldn't swallow properly, but each day he got better. We realized that he probably got injured eating the grains from the packaged guinea pig food. When we stopped feeding him with a syringe we had to make sure his vegetables were cut into little pieces. When he healed there was no need to keep doing that, as he was able to chew without difficulty again. We stopped giving them food mixed with grains and we haven’t had any problems of that kind ever since. So don't buy anything "crispy" with grains.

If you notice your piggy isn’t eating properly, pay attention to it, and act as quickly as possible! Don’t ignore the signs because catching problems early on is one of the most important things with guinea pigs. You have to find out why your pig isn’t eating. Also always make sure they get enough water.

What kind of pet store food do you use and have your guinea pigs ever had similar problems like our Baby?

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