How to Train your Guinea Pig?

Piggies need their exercise. They love running around, exploring and playing with each other. For that, they need a lot of space and they shouldn’t be kept in their cages all the time. However, letting them run around the house can also be problematic for a number of reasons:

  • they might eat something they shouldn’t
  • they my chew some cables and similar stuff
  • they might pee or poop where they shouldn’t…etc)

So what’s the best way to solve this problem? The first idea is to make some kind of fence. However, that’s not always easy to find or make, and they might find a way around it. Since we kept our piggies and their cages on blankets on the floor, we decided to train them not to run off the limits (of their blankets :D)

Rebel of the group

It’s best to do it when they are young and new to the environment. That way, later on, they stick to the allowed area without any supervision. Until you train them, you shouldn’t leave them alone. At first, it would be a good idea to stand at the edges of their designated area, so that they can see where the borders are. Each time a pig tried to cross the borders we would yell a characteristic ###@^%^#$@$@& to get them scared (be creative, invent your own deterrent yell).  After a while, we didn’t have to stand next to the edges of their play area but would still have to yell from time to time when they tried to cross the boundaries. And after enough times they just stopped trying.

We only had problem with one pig and that’s Walter White. While we managed to teach him to stay in place when we are in the room, if we leave it he tries to sneak out. We usually notice that he’s escaped when he starts squeaking loudly from excitement while exploring. And as soon as he knows we spotted him, he runs straight back.

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